NAHS paints mural at McKenzie’s BBQ

The mural at McKenzies BBQ. Photo submitted by NAHS sponsor Jennifer Jimenez

Photo by: Courtesy of Jennifer Jimenez

The mural at McKenzie’s BBQ. Photo submitted by NAHS sponsor Jennifer Jimenez

Natalia Molina, Contributing Reporter

The owners of McKenzie’s Barbeque commissioned the group to create a mural for their restaurant. The mural consists of different elements combined such as, the owners of the restaurant along with bluebonnets, a Texas flag, a conroe sign, cornfields, and a street sign. It’s design was inspired by the owners and their family. While the group is still working on their mural, they’ve made progress.

“We went and interviewed Mr.McKenzie, got some background information on their restaurant and their other locations,” group sponsor Jennifer Jimenez said. “As well as information about their family, because it is a family owned and operated place” 

NAHS is committed to spreading artwork amongst school and the community as a whole. Their main focus is to unify the world with artwork. Jimenez is pleased with her group of members this year.

“We have an excellent group of artists, they’re very smart kids,” Jimenez said. “Their artwork is just amazing.” 

Going into June, the group began scaling, gridding and painting the mural. All members that have been available have participated since then. So far the members are enjoying the project as a whole.

“It’s fun getting to work on your own thing while also getting the feedback from the rest of the people there,” member Geraldine Aviles said. “I’m able to hang out with my friends and do something I love.”

NAHS indulges in lots of different events in and out of school. Including two service projects per year. They also participate in Fright Night and elementary school fall festivals. Most of The events include face-to-face activities, which is why the mural is so important; it’s one of the first events the organization is doing after being held back because of Covid-19 last school year. 

 “I think it’s a great organization for all artists to feel free and be confident in being the artist they are and come together to express themselves,”  member Graciela Gonzalez said.

Over the course of the years, NAHS continues to grow. Aviles and Gonzalez both agree there’s a sense of unity, almost like that of a team sport. In light of their service, the owners of McKenzie’s Barbeque, decided to provide scholarship funds to NAHS.

“One of the things that really helps me is seeing them grow and develop as artists,” Jimenez said. “And seeing them take charge of the organization, becoming officers within the organization and just overall becoming a little more outgoing.”