CCHS Library starts using “Bookflix” to encourage reading


Photo by: Lizbeth Paz

Lizbeth Paz, Reporter

BookFlix is the library’s newest way of recommending books to students by giving students a chance to fill out a Google Docs giving information about the book that they are recommending. “BookFlix is like Netflix where students get to send recommendations to each other and then read those books so that everybody gets a similar idea,” librarian Elizabeth Main said. “You can have conversation starters about all of these different books that you’ve been reading and kind of form a reader’s community.” 

BookFlix goes both ways, you can write a recommendation for others and you can receive recommendations by reading them off of the library’s BookFlix website. Students can also go to the BookFlix website and look at all of the book recommendations or make a recommendation for others. Not all books are included on the website. “We only feature different books every month and if the students put in book recommendations,” Main said. “We change those out monthly as well.” Students can find BookFlix on the library’s canvas page under the “what’s new” tab and students can review the recommended books in a slideshow organized by the librarian’s every month. Students can recommend a book under the “recommend a book today” link and that link will direct students to a google docs where they can talk about their favorite book or a book that really piqued their interest.