Tennis season comes to an end


Photo by: Rubi Gonzalez

Senior Hannah Galloway plays against Porter High School on September 7. “As a senior I was sad for my last season to come to an end. The entire team worked hard till the very last game which ended a great season. However I am excited for our spring season and I cant wait how we do”

Alexis Cruz, Contributing Reporter

The tennis team ended off the season at sixth place with a chance of making the playoffs.

“We did pretty well, we competed in every match and had a great attitude every game,” tennis coach Roger May said. 

The tennis team went through several challenges throughout the season, with covid being one of the worst.

 “We had kids miss because of Covid.” May said. “Every time a challenge came, they overcame it. We found other kids to step up and play in their place and work through it. We have players who have really contributed and were willing to step up and compete”

The tennis teams goal was to make it to the playoffs, but after 133 matches they came just short.

“If we had won six more games, two against Porter and four against New Caney we would have made the playoffs.” May said 

Despite that, May doesn’t think that the year was all bad and it showed the strengths and weaknesses of his players.

“A strength they have is their great attitude when they came to play and played hard every time they stepped up on the court.” May said.

One of the team’s struggles is that members  did not have the resources outside of school. 

“Other school teams have a place to go play on the weekends, near their house,” May said. “(Our students) really only have access to courts here at Caney Creek, whereas some schools would play against those kids who have more courts near their house.”

Spring season starts Early February, but practices will start again early November.