Cosmetology program reopens salon after year of shutdown

Litzy Reynoso, Reporter

Due to the pandemic, the state shut down many programs, which caused the closing of the salon. The salon was re-opened on October 14. Cosmetology students plan on working every Thursday from  2:35 to 4:30pm after school to provide some services.

“The students, because of the time that we spent out of school, got kind of behind on practical assignments,” Cosmetology Instructor Kendria Monroe said. “so right now we are not doing chemicals yet but we are doing haircutting, manicures, facials, and a couple other practical assignments too”

A few students stayed after to help in the reopening of the salon as well.

“It was my first time ever working in the salon after school. I was more nervous than excited because it was my first client ever,” junior Fernanda Lopez said. “I actually didn’t know I was going to cut hair that day, the teacher just gave me a client, but she did warn us that we were having clients coming in” 

Monroe encourages and highly recommends her students to stay after school to help in the salon so they can get practice with client communication and working on clients versus working on a mannequin. Monroe tells them that once they overcome that fear and anxiety it becomes easier and it becomes more natural to them, and they overcome the fear of messing up.

“I was a bit nervous because this would be my first time working on a real client,” senior Lesley Arredondo said. “but I was excited to see what the real experience is, because it is very different from the mannequin”

   Monroe wants to inform students interested in joining Cosmetology that they have to make sure their interest level is higher than just doing their hair or makeup. 

    “Make sure you have an interest in not just hair and doing your makeup,”Monroe said. “Make sure you have an interest in serving clients. Make sure it is something you like to do. Learn for it as a business interest and not just a hobby because it is a career that is ongoing and limitless and it is not going away”

In Cosmetology you are taught to cut hair, dye hair, chemical, acrylic nails such as gel nails or shellac. Pedicures,spa facials, hair removal, waxing and a little bit of hairclipping. Cosmetology is not a barber program due to it being a different curriculum. There is a wide range of beauty services provided and taught in the class.