Student’s divided on who’s at fault for the Astroworld incident

Lizbeth Paz, Reporter

A festival is supposed to be one of the greatest times of your life, Astroworld was one of those events that not many expected to be their last.

The Astroworld’s third annual festival started on Nov. 5th and ended on Nov. 6th. The festival was taking place in Houston, Texas at the NRG Park. There were many artists performing such as: Young Thug, SZA, Lil Baby, Earth, 21 Savage, and many more artists. 

The festival had a thousand more security staff and police present than 2019’s festival. Although there was more security, trouble began to escalate by noon. Concertgoers began running past security and into the venue. People began doubling over into the festival and the crowding began. At least 54 people were treated for medical reasons due to the dangerous crowd control that was going on. 

Before Travis Scott’s show, people began to crowd around the main stage to wait for his performance. As the performance started, the crowd started toppling over each other and crushing those underneath. The crowd became visibly distressed within minutes. There were a couple of times where Scott stopped the show to announce that there was someone passed out and to acknowledge the ambulance that drove through the crowd. Other than that, he did no more to help control the situation.

As the concert went on, more and more people began to lose balance and they began to topple. Once they were down, they could not get up. The crowd was so compacted together that the movement of limbs was astray. 

There are many opinions on who is at fault. There are people who only blame Scott for the incident and there are others who believe that the people that organized the festival are at fault.

“I felt that Travis Scott should have stopped the concert because he could have seen everyone struggling and all the ambulances,” senior Reese Manchaca said, “I think he is part of the problem but also with the concert organizers, I think that it is partially his fault and their fault.”

There are people still grieving due to the chain of events that took place. People lost their lives: family members, siblings, friends, were lost to this festival that was supposed to spread enjoyment. Out of all of the people lost and injured, there was an occasion where there was a familiar death to one of our students at Caney Creek. 

“My cousin’s childhood best friend, she was one of the people that died,” senior Graciela Gonzalez said. “Her name was Brianna Rodriguez and she was a very sweet girl. She was a great friend towards my cousin and I hope that she is able to rest in peace.”

Scott released an apology video but received backlash for seeming insincere. People have not only taken his apology and rejected it, but they have also started making memes out of it and trolling him on the internet. 

Rejected by half of the deceased’s families when he offered to cover funeral costs, Scott has found no other way to make amends. Most assume that the only reason that Scott made an attempt to pay for the funerals was to reduce the public’s outcry against him. Scott is on the verge of getting “cancelled.”

“A lot of respect was obviously lost for Travis. Personally, I want him to get cancelled only for the simple fact that I want his shoes to go down,” senior Brian Zarza said. “I want his merch. It’s a sad reality. Obviously, I’m not on his side or whatever but people say that they’re gonna stop listening to his music and stuff like that.”

In previous concerts, Scott has been charged twice for inciting violence and it’s only a matter of time before the deceased families’ press charges.