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The Office, others will be removed from Netflix

Emily Osorio, Reporter

August 25, 2019

Netflix has announced that The Office, one of the most popular shows streaming on their app, will be removed. The changes will be made at the end of the year 2020, although some are disconcerted about the changes there are some students who are fine with this show being removed.  “I watched ...

TikTok is the new trend

Yesica Rodriguez, Reporter

August 25, 2019 was renamed TikTok on Nov. 9, 2017 to help draw in new people and represent them better. TikTok was launched in China Sept. 2016 and launched internationally Sept. 2017. The app was developed in 200 days and within a year got 100 million users.  “A TikTok ad got my attention while...

Texas Wal-Mart pranks on the rise

Texas Wal-Mart pranks on the rise

Alexius Rocha, Reporter

August 25, 2019

On June 8th, a young woman was arrested after she posted a video of her in a Wal-Mart store licking a gallon of Blue Bell ice cream and placing it back for other customers to buy.  Many people were uncomfortable with shopping at walmart after the scandal, but to their surprise it was only the st...

Alumna finds work in nonprofit organization

Angie Rodriguez, News Editor

May 20, 2019

Working for a non profit organization is not a normal path a high school student pursues. Even if they do, many students do not follow the idea through college. However, alumna Liz Denson has found her way into helping others. Liz Denson is the Vice President of Community Engagement at Early Connecti...

New bond election likely to be called in early 2019

Roberto Garcia & Annali Ward, Contributing Reporters

October 22, 2018

Conroe ISD is ramping up plans to pursue another bond issue sometime next year, according to discussion at a previous board meeting. At a board meeting in August, members discussed calling a bond election in late January. Melanie Bush, Conroe ISD Board President, said they will know more information...

Graduation 2015

May 30, 2015

PowderPuff 2015

April 21, 2015

Prom 2014 – Slide Show

Pat Bermudez, Adviser

May 20, 2014

Prom 2014 book can be bought through Picaboo for $19.93.  The book will be shipped straight to your home.

Boys Basketball Game Against Porter

Francisco Amaya, Sports Editor

November 18, 2013

Caney Creek High School Band 2013 – GPISD Marching Festival

November 1, 2013

Caney Creek High School (4A) Conroe, TX Staff: Jeremy Rehbein, Stephen Kloesel Drum Majors: Courtney Krasney, Taylor Henthorn, Lilly Jimenez Program: The Gumshoe Chronicles - "Turning Over Rocks", "Dr. X and the Master Plan", "The Rescue and Dr. X Escapes" Galena Park ISD Marching Band Festival October...

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