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The School Newspaper of Caney Creek High School

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The School Newspaper of Caney Creek High School

The Prowler

Student’s divided on who’s at fault for the Astroworld incident

Lizbeth Paz, Reporter December 9, 2021

A festival is supposed to be one of the greatest times of your life, Astroworld was one of those events that not many expected to be their last. The Astroworld’s third annual festival started on Nov....

Childhood friends rekindle friendship at CCHS after both moving from Colorado

Lizbeth Paz December 6, 2021

Caney Creek High School has recently gained two new students who moved all the way from Colorado to Texas. Initially, it seems like they would be brothers due to them having a relationship prior to moving...

Cosmetology program reopens salon after year of shutdown

Litzy Reynoso, Reporter December 6, 2021

Due to the pandemic, the state shut down many programs, which caused the closing of the salon. The salon was re-opened on October 14. Cosmetology students plan on working every Thursday from  2:35 to...

The mural at McKenzies BBQ. Photo submitted by NAHS sponsor Jennifer Jimenez

NAHS paints mural at McKenzie’s BBQ

Natalia Molina, Contributing Reporter November 4, 2021

The owners of McKenzie's Barbeque commissioned the group to create a mural for their restaurant. The mural consists of different elements combined such as, the owners of the restaurant along with bluebonnets,...

CCHS Library starts using Bookflix to encourage reading

CCHS Library starts using “Bookflix” to encourage reading

Lizbeth Paz, Reporter November 4, 2021
BookFlix is the library’s newest way of recommending books to students by giving students a chance to fill out a Google Docs giving information about the book that they are recommending.
Photo by Mike Mozart from

Consumption of energy drinks could lead to health problems in teenagers

Jaden MacKinnon, Web Editor-in-Chief November 4, 2021
 COVID -19 isn’t the only thing that’s been going viral the past couple of years, another phenomenon has risen as well: Energy drinks. According to a report from the National Library of Medicine in 2018, nearly 70 percent of students have drunk an energy drink recently.
Senior Hannah Galloway plays against Porter High School on September 7. “As a senior I was sad for my last season to come to an end. The entire team worked hard till the very last game which ended a great season. However I am excited for our spring season and I cant wait how we do”

Tennis season comes to an end

Alexis Cruz, Contributing Reporter November 4, 2021
The tennis team ended off the season at sixth place with a chance of making the playoffs. “We did pretty well, we competed in every match and had a great attitude every game,” tennis coach Roger May said. 

Caney Creek Experiences Ink Shortage

Aaron Bloomfield, Reporter October 7, 2021

Teachers were informed on Thursday, Sept. 30 that there was a shortage of toner for the copy machine and more wouldn't be available until the end of October. Because of this shortage students have noticed...

German students Alexa Mercado, Kyleigh Clark, Victoria Famer, and Leah Wallace, working on their assignment using the resources provided. When Wallace was asked about why she chose to wear her mask she said I chose to wear my mask because  I do have high risk family members, and I would like to protect them and myself and other people.

Masks at Caney Creek

Anna Bryant, Reporter September 22, 2021

CISD has decided to follow Governor Greg Abbott’s law banning a mask mandate in schools, in lieu of his recent restraining order. “There's only one rule that says we can't mandate masks and there...

Tropical Storm Nicholas is expected to make landfall early Tuesday morning/late Monday night and turn east toward the Caney Creek area.

Conroe ISD closed Tuesday in anticipation of Tropical Storm Nicholas

Conroe ISD will be closed Tuesday, Sept. 14 due to Tropical Storm Nicholas, according to a district announcement.
Abbott in court to contest restraining order.

Restraining order against Abbott gives schools the right to mandate masks

Roberto Garcia, News Editor August 25, 2021

Texas Supreme Court rules in schools favor to temporarily allow mandate masks again. Due to multiple restraining orders placed on Governor Greg Abbott, his mandate banning the mask mandate from schools...

CISD COVID Safety chart. Shows the different levels of cases and what the district will do in response.

CISD COVID cases high after first week

Roberto Garcia, News Editor August 23, 2021

Conroe ISD reaches level four in the Covid safety alert level after eight days of school. CISD has created a level system depending on how many Covid cases the district gains, the level system will...

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